AnimeTake is back! Welcome to the new AnimeTake Online Shop, it's filled with anime figures, toys, dakimakura (hug pillows) and more.
Our Best Sellers
AnimeTake is selling only Official (legitimate) Japanese merchandise that is made with the approval of the official copyright holder. Our merchandise is aimed at collectors and otaku fans so the quality is therefore paramount.

If you want to support the Anime industry then please buy only official merchandise. You will receive a much better product and the revenue will go to the anime and manga producers in Japan, helping them fund future projects.

We firmly believe that fakes or unlicensed goods hurt the anime industry! Fake/unlicensed merchandise is often cheaper due to poor manufacturing and mass manufacturing. If a price seems too good to be true, it often is.

To celebrate the return of AnimeTake we are making the shopping experience as friendly as possible, we offer:

  •  Free Expedited Shipping from Japan so you can receive your order in 3-6 business Days. (Tracking number provided)

  • Customs clearance service: duties, taxes and customs clearance fees included in price for all your orders. No additional costs when you receive your package. This allows us to cut the shipping time (custom clearance is faster this way).